Beyond the Quick Start Guide

After you finish following the steps in this Quick Start guide, your Meridian instance should be set up and monitoring your network. Of course, there is still much more that you can do to customize Meridian to suit your needs. You can explore the Deep Dive section to learn more.

This section includes suggested topics that supplement the guide.

User management

We covered creating and setting up an admin user account in Step 1: First-Time Sign In. You may want to create and set up additional user accounts with different permissions. These topics expand on those covered in the Quick Start guide:

Provision inventory

We covered initial inventory provisioning in Step 3: Provision Inventory. You may want to provision new nodes and iterate on the work that you did in the Quick Start guide. These topics serve as starting points for more information:

Performance management

In Step 4: Set Up Performance Data Collection, we covered how to set up your Meridian environment for basic performance data collection. You may want to collect more data to help you better understand what is happening in your network and create more representative visualizations. You can look through these topics to learn more:


Step 5: Set up a Threshold covered how to set up event thresholds in your Meridian instance. For more information and concepts that extend the Quick Start guide, see the following pages:

Service availability

In Step 7: Determine Service Availability, we covered how to track the availability of your services with pollerd. The following topics are starting points for establishing more complex monitoring environments:


We covered how to configure notifications in Step 2: Turn on Default Notifications and Step 8: Configure Notifications. Beyond that, you can review the bonus notification strategies to set up routing to Slack and Mattermost.

Customize Meridian home page

We covered visualizations in Step 9: Visualize Data, but you can do much more to display your data—​including customizing your Meridian home page. For more information, see Grafana Dashboard Box in the Deep Dive section.

Explore the Deep Dive section

To learn more about any of the topics covered in the Quick Start guide, you can explore their corresponding documentation in the Deep Dive section. Deep Dive topics are referenced in each of the Quick Start pages; they can provide a starting point.

Explore the Reference section

The Reference section provides information on Meridian collectors, service monitors, and daemons. This includes details on configuration settings and files, as well as parameters associated with the components.