Identify Changed Configuration Files

During an upgrade, Meridian overwrites configuration files, so any customization you may have done will be lost. You need to back up your customized configuration files so that you can merge them into your upgraded system.

Consider one of the following options to identify changed configuration files:

Run the script

The config-diff tool identifies differences between the default Meridian configuration and what you are running. Identifying these differences helps you to determine what you need to migrate as part of an upgrade.

Run the config-diff tool in the ${OPENNMS_HOME}/bin directory to determine changes from a pristine installation:

cd ${OPENNMS_HOME}/bin
./ -d
The colordiff command, available in Debian and Red Hat distributions, colors the output for better legibility of changes.

Note the following in the output:

  • Files you added

  • Files you modified

  • Files you deleted

Back up any files that were changed and added so that you can merge them later as part of the upgrade process. Note any files that you have deleted so that you can remove them after the upgrade.