Default Calendar Report

The default calendar report is generated directly from the Meridian Java code. As such, it has no optional parameters to modify. It contains the same data as the default classic report, but some of the information is presented in the form of a calendar month.

The first table contains monthly availability statistics for all services monitored by Meridian for the past year. It also lists the number of nodes that had outages, the number of interfaces, and the number of services.

The next two figures present the daily average of services monitored, and the availability of services divided over the previous full month and the current month to date:

Example of the second page of a default calendar report. Availability statistics for the previous month (March) are displayed in a calendar format. Dates with full availability are colored green, and others are yellow.

The next table lists the monitored devices with the worst availability rates during the previous month.

The next table lists daily availability over the past 30 days. The average of those 30 data points is calculated and displayed in the next table.

The next two tables show the average availability for every monitored service on each device for the previous full month, and the current month to date.

The remaining tables show the top service outages for the previous month. Each entry lists the affected node, the duration of the outage, and the date and time when the outage occurred.