Alarm Correlation

This section describes how to configure Meridian to provide real-time feedback on alarm correlation.

Situation feedback

Situation feedback lets operators provide real-time feedback on alarm correlation. You must have Elasticsearch installed to persist the feedback records.

Install feature

Follow these steps to install the situation feedback feature:

  1. Install the package from the Karaf shell:

    feature:install opennms-situation-feedback
  2. Add opennms-situation-feedback to a .boot file in featuresBoot.d to configure the feature to remain installed after Meridian restarts:

    echo "opennms-situation-feedback" | sudo tee ${OPENNMS_HOME}/etc/featuresBoot.d/opennms-situation-feedback.boot

Configure Elasticsearch persistence

Configure the situation feedback feature to use your Elasticsearch cluster from a Karaf shell in your Meridian instance:

$ ssh -p 8101 admin@localhost
admin@opennms()> config:edit org.opennms.features.situationfeedback.persistence.elastic
admin@opennms()> config:property-set elasticUrl http://elastic:9200
admin@opennms()> config:update
This configuration is stored in ${OPENNMS_HOME}/etc/org.opennms.features.situationfeedback.persistence.elastic.cfg. See Elasticsearch Integration for more information.

Installing the situation feedback feature exposes a REST endpoint that the OpenNMS plugin for Grafana uses to display and submit feedback. You can find more information on the REST API in the developer guide.