Release Meridian-2021.1.6

Release 2021.1.6 contains a few enhancements and doc updates, plus a number of bug fixes including an XSS bug in the notification wizard.

The codename for 2021.1.6 is Chang’e 2.


  • The node and interface counters of the Evaluation Layer are incorrect (Issue NMS-13283)

  • EvaluationMetrics.log is contaminated with non-related metrics. (Issue NMS-13284)

  • The Info ReST endpoint is not showing the services status (Issue NMS-13437)

  • Reflected XSS in webapp notice wizard (Issue NMS-13496)

  • macOS Monterey: older OpenNMS branches do not start anymore (Issue NMS-13703)

  • related events box in alarm detail shows all events when alarm has no node / interface / service / ifindex (Issue NMS-13705)


  • Documentation for reloadable daemons (Issue NMS-12611)

  • Incorporate node related information to events and alarms topic in opennms-kafka-producer feature (Issue NMS-12778)

  • Show Link State when viewing links on the Enlinkd topology maps (Issue NMS-13619)

  • Topologies menu (Issue NMS-13622)

  • Check doc source for wiki links (Issue NMS-13688)

  • Add hint for time sync on OpenNMS components (Issue NMS-13724)

Release Meridian-2021.1.5

Release 2021.1.5 contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements, including web UI, Minion, Docker, and documentation improvements.

The codename for 2021.1.5 is Viking 1.


  • Strings with URL arguments are truncated in the eventdescr field (Issue NMS-13428)

  • Web-based SNMP config UI does not pass through proxy-host if a value is provided (Issue NMS-13512)

  • Add JVM option to the minion startup script (Issue NMS-13552)

  • missing fields in search autocomplete (Issue NMS-13518)

  • Signed Minion container bleeding image shows revision as meridian-foundation-2021.1.4-1-487 (Issue NMS-13587)

  • Meridian Minion images do not include release (Issue NMS-13591)


  • Document data types in collectd (Issue NMS-10476)

  • Update adapters documentation (Issue NMS-12999)

  • Move monitors docs to the Reference section (Issue NMS-13524)

  • Move detectors to reference section (Issue NMS-13525)

  • Move collectors to reference section (Issue NMS-13526)

  • Move telemetryd (streaming telemetry) to reference section (Issue NMS-13527)

  • Move ticketing docs to reference section (Issue NMS-13529)

  • Move provisioning policies to the reference section (Issue NMS-13562)

  • Publish Minion image for Meridian to DockerHub (Issue NMS-13567)

  • Backport docker content trust for signed images to meridian 2021 (Issue NMS-13568)

  • Backport confd support for minion config (Issue NMS-13573)

  • Geolocator Doc Clarification (Issue NMS-13611)

Release 2021.1.4 contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements, including a dependency update related to a CVE.

The codename for 2021.1.4 is Sputnik 19.

Release Meridian-2021.1.4


  • OpenNMS Admin Guide HostResourceSwRunMonitor service-name not exact match string (Issue NMS-8968)

  • Syslog messages missing nodelabel, location, and interface (Issue NMS-13485)

  • Bump Apache Ant version to 1.10.11 (CVE-2021-36373, CVE-2021-36374) (Issue NMS-13509)


  • Update Provisiond Docs (Issue NMS-13446)

  • Update table formatting in docs. (Issue NMS-13472)

  • Migrate VMware config from wiki to docs (Issue NMS-13473)

  • Use Karaf shell commands to secure Minion SSH Karaf access (Issue NMS-13511)

  • Reformat tables (again) (Issue NMS-13515)

Release Meridian-2021.1.3

Release 2021.1.3 contains a bunch of bug fixes and enhancements, plus a few security updates, notably a fix for a Jetty CVE.

The codename for 2021.1.3 is MESSENGER.


  • The Dev Documentation doesn’t have information about the Hardware Inventory (Issue NMS-11730)

  • Admin guide still uses deprecated term "provisioning group" in places (Issue NMS-12373)

  • OutOfMemory issue on Minion ( corner case related to Offheap) (Issue NMS-13405)

  • The PageSequenceMonitor keys host and virtual-host are confusing (Issue NMS-13412)

  • Jetty 9.4.38 security issues CVE-2021-28164, CVE-2021-34428 and CVE-2021-28169 (Issue NMS-13449)

  • Optimize node cache refresh to be non-blocking to flow data (Issue NMS-13481)

  • Reflected XSS in webapp notice wizard (Issue NMS-13496)

  • Reflected XSS in scheduled outage editor (Issue NMS-13498)


  • Add missing Prometheus collectd example in our documenation (Issue NMS-12978)

  • Table formatting issue in new docs (Issue NMS-13364)

  • Hardware Inventory Plugin needs docs (Issue NMS-13370)

  • Doc typos - improper character escaping (Issue NMS-13448)

  • Update table formatting in collectors section of docs (Issue NMS-13456)

Release Meridian-2021.1.2

Release 2021.1.2 contains a bunch of bug fixes and enhancements, plus a few security updates.

The codename for 2021.1.2 is Ulysses.


  • SNMP collection failing for "interface label is null or blank" (Issue NMS-11764)

  • Meridian installation guide is incomplete (Issue NMS-13294)

  • Default Debian instructions don’t work on a minimal install (Issue NMS-13355)

  • CVE-2020-13956: Update commons-httpclient to 4.5.13 (Issue NMS-13360)

  • CVE-2017-5929: bump logback-classic version to latest (Issue NMS-13361)

  • Update images chapter in docs remove two chapters (Issue NMS-13371)

  • Package diffutils is missing in Docker image (Issue NMS-13429)


  • Incorporate node related information to events and alarms topic in opennms-kafka-producer feature (Issue NMS-12778)

  • Expand PageSequenceMonitor Documentation (Issue NMS-13260)

  • Publish minion config schema (Issue NMS-13285)

  • update WMI dependencies (Issue NMS-13320)

  • Expand Sink API Documentation (Issue NMS-13328)

  • Add out-of-band monitoring content to main user documentation (Issue NMS-13330)

  • Create DnsDetector docs (Issue NMS-13338)

  • Create FtpDetector docs (Issue NMS-13339)

  • Create HostResourceSWRunDetector docs (Issue NMS-13340)

  • Setup DCT keys for the OpenNMS and OpenNMS-Forge organizations (Issue NMS-13345)

  • Implement Kafka Consumer for events (protobuf) (Issue NMS-13362)

  • Allow setting java heap minimum and maximum values in opennms.conf (Issue NMS-13367)

  • Misc documentation fixes (Issue NMS-13426)

Release Meridian-2021.1.1

Release 2021.1.1 contains a number of small bug fixes and a few enhancements.

The codename for 2021.1.1 is ACE.


  • Race condition when enabling the Situations Feedback feature (Issue NMS-12767)

  • IP interface link in Response Time graph page is broken (Issue NMS-13158)

  • Mark OIA Implementation for Timeseries as experimental (Issue NMS-13281)

  • Meridian installation guide is incomplete (Issue NMS-13294)

  • Validate query parameters in snmpInterfaces.jsp (Issue NMS-13308)

  • Validate name parameter in DestinationWizardServlet (Issue NMS-13309)

  • CLONE - DOC Branding: Icon in tab is still the old one (Issue NMS-13329)


  • Incorrect reference to org.opennms.netmgt.syslog.cfg (Issue NMS-13223)

  • Update conventions for text formatting (Issue NMS-13336)

  • Location aware Requisitions from DNS (Issue NMS-13278)

Release Meridian-2021.1.0

Release 2021.1.0 is the first in the Meridian 2021 series, based on Horizon 27.

The codename for 2021.1.0 is Perseverance.


  • Not possible to define notification parameters via "Configure notifications" UI (Issue NMS-8581)

  • Race condition on ALEC’s config bundle after installation (Issue NMS-12766)

  • Add a warning when enabling forwarding metrics through the Kafka Producer (Issue NMS-13039)

  • Reflected XSS reported 2021-03-31 (update summary after disclosure) (Issue NMS-13229)

  • Backport Security Issues from Last Month (Issue NMS-13231)

  • vmware integration connection pool not expiring connections (Issue NMS-13234)

  • Cleared alarms with closed ticket state not removed when using a hybrid approach (Issue NMS-13237)

  • Update Vaadin dependencies (Issue NMS-13261)


  • Migrate OpenNMS core docs to Antora (Issue NMS-12497)

  • Overview chapter (Issue NMS-12670)

  • Create Win32ServiceDetector documentation (Issue NMS-13074)

  • Create WmiDetector documenation (Issue NMS-13075)

  • Create BgpSessionDetector documentation (Issue NMS-13076)

  • Enable Single topic by default for Kafka RPC (Issue NMS-13104)

  • Re-enable Kafka RPC Single Topic By Default (Issue NMS-13184)

  • Update Help page with doc links in the Web UI (Issue NMS-13225)

  • Admin Guide Newts Instructions Incomplete (Issue NMS-13242)

  • Minion - Meridian Installation Documents Incorrect (Issue NMS-13247)

  • Provide documentation for context-sensitive help in UI form (Issue NMS-13255)