Basic Walk-Through

This section describes how to create a basic threshold for a single, system-wide variable: the number of logged-in users. Our threshold will tell Meridian to create an event when the number of logged-in users on the device exceeds two, and re-arm when it falls below two.

Before creating a threshold, you need to make sure you are collecting the metric against which you want to threshold.

Determine you are collecting metric

In this case, we have chosen a metric (number of logged-in users) that is collected by default. We are also using data collected via SNMP. (For information on other collectors, see Collectors.)

  1. In the Meridian UI, choose Reports>Resource Graphs.

  2. Select one of the listed resources.

  3. Under SNMP Node Data, select Node-level Performance Data and choose Graph Selection.

  4. Scroll to find the Number of Users graph.

    1. You can click the binoculars icon to display only this graph.