KSC Reports

This dashlet shows an existing KSC report. KSC Reports provide a way to generate prefabricated graphical views of collected data.

This dashlet displays data from an existing KSC report in the Ops Board. The view is exactly the same as the KSC report is built regarding order, columns, and time spans. Key SNMP Customized (KSC) reports shows SNMP performance data using prefabricated graph types.

Table 1. KSC dashlet configuration options
Field Description

Boost support

not available


Name of the KSC report to show in this dashlet.

KSC Report Configuration

Configure KSC reports through the UI in Reports → KSC Reports.

Here is an example report entry that uses a custom index and graphs:

<Report id="7" title="GlassFish JVM Stats" show_timespan_button="true"
        show_graphtype_button="true" graphs_per_line="2">
  <Graph title="Instance1 Heap Usage" resourceId="node[1].jmxJVMIndex[GlassFish]"
         timespan="7_day" graphtype="jvm.memory.heap"/>
  <Graph title="Instance1 Non-Heap Usage" resourceId="node[1].jmxJVMIndex[GlassFish]"
         timespan="7_day" graphtype="jvm.memory.nonheap"/>
  <Graph title="Instance2 Heap Used" resourceId="node[2].jmxJVMIndex[GlassFish]"
         timespan="7_day" graphtype="jvm.memory.heap"/>
  <Graph title="Instance2 Non-Heap Used" resourceId="node[2].jmxJVMIndex[GlassFish]"
         timespan="7_day" graphtype="jvm.memory.nonheap"/>

Valid options for timespan are: (See org.opennms.netmgt.config.KSC_PerformanceReportFactory.java:TIMESPAN_OPTIONS)

  "1_hour", "2_hour", "4_hour", "6_hour", "8_hour", "12_hour",
  "1_day", "2_day", "7_day", "1_month", "3_month", "6_month",
  "1_year", "Today", "Yesterday", "Yesterday 9am-5pm",
  "Yesterday 5pm-10pm", "This Week", "Last Week", "This Month",
  "Last Month", "This Quarter", "Last Quarter", "This Year",
  "Last Year"

Be sure to keep each id unique for each <Report>.`

Using KSC Reports

The KSC Reports area on the right side of the main page of OpenNMS includes a drop-down menu where you can select the KSC reports you have configured.