NetFlow v9

See Flow Support for details on flow support in Meridian.

Netflow v9 UDP Parser

The Netflow v9 UDP parser accepts packets received by a UDP listener and must forward them to a Netflow v9 adapter.

The Netflow v9 UDP parser supports protocol detection.


Class Name


Configuration and use

Table 1. Optional parameters for the Netflow v9 UDP parser
Parameter Description Default


Templates must be redeclared in the given duration or they will be dropped.

30 minutes


The maximum delta in seconds between exporter and Minion timestamps.



Used to rate-limit clock skew events in seconds.



Used to enable or disable DNS resolution for flows.



A value > 1 enables checking for sequence number completeness. The value gives the size of the history buffer allowing flows to be processed out of order.


The parameter maxClockSkew in your parser definition enables clock skew detection for exporters. It specifies the maximum delta in seconds between exporter and Minion timestamps. If exceeded, an alarm will be generated for the exporting device. The default value is 0, so clock skew detection is disabled. Furthermore, you can use the clockSkewEventRate parameter to rate-limit clock skew events. The default is 3600 seconds, so every hour an event will be sent.

Netflow v9 Adapter

The Netflow v9 adapter handles Netflow v9 payloads received and parsed by by the Netflow v9 UDP Parser. Flows are decoded from the messages into the canonical flow format and are published to the flow repository.


Class Name


Configuration and use

This adapter does not currently have any configurable parameters.