Operational Status

Every business service maintains an operational status that represents the overall status calculated by the map and reduce functions from the edges. The operational status uses the severities known from events and alarms.

Table 1. Operational status representation
Name Description Numerical code Color / Code


Indicates a severe service-affecting event has occurred.


Purple / #c00


Indicates serious disruption or malfunction of a service or system.


Red / #f30


Used for troubles that have no immediate effect on service or system performance.


Orange / #f90


An event has occurred that may require action. Use this severity to indicate a condition that should be noted (logged) but does not require immediate action.


Yellow / #fc0


Informational message. No action required.


Dark green / #360


This severity is reserved for use in alarms to indicate that an alarm describes a self-clearing error condition that has been corrected and service is restored.

Never use this severity in event definitions. Use "Normal" severity for events that clear an alarm.


Grey / #eee


No severity could be associated with this event.


Light green / #990

If a business service changes its operational status, an OpenNMS event of the type uei.opennms.org/bsm/serviceOperationalStatusChanged is generated and sent to the OpenNMS event bus. In cases where the operational status changed from normal to a higher severity, an event of the type uei.opennms.org/bsm/serviceProblem is generated and has the severity of the BS. When the BS goes back to normal, an event of the type uei.opennms.org/bsm/serviceProblemResolved is generated.

Use the service problem and service problem resolved events for notifications or ticketing integration.

The log message of the events have the following information:

  • Business Service Name: businessServiceName

  • Business Service Identifier: id

  • Previous Severity Identifier: prevSeverityId

  • Previous Severity Label: prevSeverityLabel

  • New Severity Identifier: newSeverityId

  • New Severity Label: newSeverityLabel