Create a Threshold Group

A threshold group associates a set of thresholds to a service (for example, thresholds that apply to all Cisco devices). Meridian includes seven preconfigured, editable threshold groups:

  • mib2

  • cisco

  • hrstorage

  • netsnmp

  • juniper-srx

  • netsnmp-memory-linux

  • netsnmp-memory-nonlinux

You can edit an existing group (through the UI) or create a new one (in the thresholds.xml file located in $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/thresholds.xml). Once you create the group, you can then define it in the thresholds.xml file or define it in the UI.

We will create a threshold group called "demo_group".

  1. Type the following in the thresholds.xml file.

    <group name="demo_group" rrdRepository="/opt/opennms/share/rrd/snmp/">
  2. Once you have created the group in the thresholds.xml file, switch to the UI, go to the threshold screen and click Reload Threshold Configuration.

    1. The group you created should appear in the UI.

  3. Click Edit to edit it.

The following is a sample of how the threshold appears in the thresholds.xml file:

<group name="demo_group" rrdRepository="/opt/opennms/share/rrd/snmp/"> (1)
  <expression type="high" ds-type="hrStorageIndex" value="90.0"
    rearm="75.0" trigger="2" ds-label="hrStorageDescr"
    filterOperator="or" expression="hrStorageUsed / hrStorageSize * 100.0">
    <resource-filter field="hrStorageType">^\.1\.3\.6\.1\.2\.1\.25\.2\.1\.4$</resource-filter> (2)
1 The name of the group and the directory of the stored data.
2 The details of the threshold including type, data source type, threshold value, rearm value, and so on.