Performance Management

Meridian collects performance data using the Collectd daemon, which is enabled by default. Collectd schedules data collection on Meridian entities (currently nodes and interfaces), using management agents and protocol-specific collectors (SNMP, HTTPS, JMX, JDBC, etc.) to collect performance metrics. Each collector has its own associated configuration that defines parameters for the collector.

01 collectd overview
Figure 1. Collectd overview for associated files and configuration

By default, data collection is enabled for SNMP and for OpenNMS-JVM (to monitor itself through JMX). Data collection works out of the box with SNMP, provided you have your SNMP community string configured properly. The default value of the community string is public. If your community string is different, you need to change the value:

  1. Login to the web UI.

  2. Go to admin>Configure OpenNMS.

  3. In the Provisioning section, select Configure SNMP Community Names by IP Address.

  4. Under v1/v2c specific parameters change the Read Community String value and click Save Config.

Performance data collection on other protocols (HTTPS, JMX, JDBC, etc.), requires additional configuration. You may also want to change how collectd works: when, how, and what data it collects.

Learn how to manage performance data collection: