IP Interface Policy

The Matching IP Interface policy controls whether discovered interfaces are persisted and if they are persisted, whether they will be forced to be managed or unmanaged.

The two required parameters for this policy are action and matchBehavior.

Action Description


Disallow collecting performance metrics on the interface.


Disallow SNMP polling on the interface.


Prevent the IP interface from being added to the node.


Allow collecting performance metrics on the interface.


Allow SNMP polling on the interface.


Default setting. Add interface to node and allow polling and collection.


Add interface to node but do not process pollerd and collectd tasks for the interface.

Any subsequent scan of the node or reimports of the requisition force this policy to be applied. IP Interface entities that already exist and match a policy will not be deleted, unless the UNMANAGE action is specified. Delete existing interfaces by recreating the node in the Requisition UI (simply change the foreign ID and reimport the group) or by using the REST API:

> curl -X DELETE -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -u admin:admin http://localhost:8980/opennms/rest/nodes/6/ipinterfaces/