Maintenance Contracts Expired Report

This is an asset management report that shows all assets with maintenance contracts that will expire within a threshold period, which starts today and extends for the number of days specified in the warning threshold parameter below. This report can also show assets with maintenance contracts that have already expired.

The report includes a table that lists assets that match the criteria defined by the parameters. This table is sorted by node and then ordered by expiration date. The report includes the node label, manufacturer, title of maintenance contract exists, expiration date, and status.

This table also lists the matching assets by manufacturer and includes the following additional information:

  • model number

  • serial number

  • date contract expires

  • operating system

  • number of days left in contract

  • date installed

  • vendor phone number

You can customize this report with three company logos (approximately 195px by 50px), in the report header, the page header, and the page footer.


Field Description Default

Show Expired Maintenance Contracts

Specify true or false. True will include contracts that have already expired along with assets with maintenance contracts that will expire within the number of days specified for the warning threshold below.


Format for Expiration Date

Specify the format for the expiration date.


Warning Threshold for Contract Expiration

The number of days in the threshold period.