Alarm Notes

Meridian creates an alarm for issues in the network. Alarm notes allow you to assign comments to a specific alarm or a whole class of alarms, and share that information with other people on your team.

The figure Alarm Detail View shows the component to add these information in memos to the alarm.

01 alarm notes
Figure 1. Alarm Detail View

Alarm notes let you add two types of notes on an existing alarm or alarm class:

  • Sticky Memo: A user-defined note for a specific instance of an alarm. Deleting the alarm will also delete the sticky memo.

  • Journal Memo: A user-defined note for a whole class of alarms based on the resolved reduction key. The journal memo will be shown for all alarms matching a specific reduction key. Deleting an alarm doesn’t remove the journal memo. Press the "Clear" button on an alarm with the existing journal memo to remove it.

Icons on the "Alarm list Summary" and "Alarm List Detail" indicate if an alarm has sticky and/or journal memos.