Release 30.0.4

Release 30.0.4 contains quite a few bug and security fixes and a number of enhancements.

The codename for Horizon 30.0.4 is Capybara.


  • VMware requisition import fail with "Problem getting input stream: '{}'" (Issue NMS-14450)

  • DCB fails on newly provisioned nodes (Issue NMS-14670)

  • Duplicate V3 trap security names causing spurious errors on non V3 traps (Issue NMS-14718)

  • Kafka Producer NPE causes collection failure overall (Issue NMS-14740)

  • Flow docs don’t account for default config (Issue NMS-14749)

  • On saving of the provisiond configuration must be ensured, that all requsition-def’s have unique names (Issue NMS-14752)

  • NPE in opennms-provision-persistence (Issue NMS-14814)


  • Update BSM Documentation (Issue NMS-8571)

  • Trapd is missing in the docs (Issue NMS-12629)

  • Determine if requisitions docs are correct (Issue NMS-13938)

  • MOS CDR Processor: Tie to node (Issue NMS-14659)

  • Back-port multi-constraint work (Issue NMS-14698)

  • Reflected XSS (PB-2022, Aug 2022) (Issue NMS-14713)

  • Browser-Specific XSS (PB-2022, Aug 2022) (Issue NMS-14714)

  • Form Can Be Manipulated with Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) (Issue NMS-14716)

  • Session Cookie (Authentication Related) Does Not Contain The "HTTPOnly" Attribute (Issue NMS-14717)


  • Add documentation for partial configuration modification via REST (Issue NMS-14671)


  • Open JDK Package References in Upgrade Documentation (Issue NMS-14682)

  • backport CircleCI and Docker enhancements from develop to release-30.x (Issue NMS-14724)

  • Add new handling options for the snmp provisioning metadata adapter (Issue NMS-14729)

  • Modify reduction key for dataCollectionFailed to be service specific (Issue NMS-14744)

  • Add details to PassiveServiceStatus event description (Issue NMS-14799)

  • Update Cortex plugin docs (Issue NMS-14807)

Release 30.0.3

Release 30.0.3 contains quite a few bug fixes as well as number of small features and security fixes.

The codename for Horizon 30.0.3 is Chipmunk.


  • snmpCollect being reset to C even if a policy sets it to N (Issue NMS-14576)

  • Stored XSS (Issue NMS-14591)

  • change or remove how Docker SSH keys are generated (Issue NMS-14643)

  • Thresholding blocks threads under load (Issue NMS-14645)

  • Appliance: Minion fails to come up with 30.0.2 and bleeding image (Issue NMS-14655)

  • Graph page doesn’t escape <> in resource labels (Issue NMS-14657)


  • PassiveStatusd (Issue NMS-8567)

  • Provisiond (Issue NMS-8569)

  • Please update the copyright year on the docs page! (Issue NMS-13911)

  • Add KPIs for user and group counts to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14487)

  • Set up basic Java CLI app to read/process MOS CDR files (Issue NMS-14575)

  • Add KPI for DCB device count by sysObjectID (Issue NMS-14579)

  • Add KPIs for open notifications and outages to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14623)

  • Add KPI for application count to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14624)

  • Official docs readiness for Cortex TSS plugin release (Issue NMS-14667)

  • Upgrade dom4j to latest version (Issue NMS-14696)


  • provisiond config partial update (Issue NMS-14310)

  • Change OIA name to OpenNMS Plugin API (Issue NMS-14475)

  • Remove footer content from opennms/docs (Issue NMS-14637)


  • Migrate Notification wiki pages into docs (Issue NMS-13584)

  • Rest API v2 for obtaining a list of SNMP interfaces doesn’t return back node id (Issue NMS-14449)

  • Add smoke test for new KPIs (Issue NMS-14627)


Release 30.0.2

Release 30.0.2 contains quite a few bug fixes as well as number of small features.

We have made a number of improvements to the documentation, including reworking the section on events and adding information on configuring SNMP traps and varbinds.

OpenNMS has extended the anonymous metrics we optionally collect to help us improve the project, such as CPU and memory sizing of the platform, and statistics like number of events and flows. Click the gears icon and choose Additional Tools → Data Choices or edit $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/org.opennms.features.datachoices.cfg to see what is included and to change your opt-in settings. Note that we continue to anonymize the data for internal use only to inform project direction. We do not share it with third parties.

The codename for Horizon 30.0.2 is Gopher.


  • Clearing an alarm brings alarm not found message (Issue NMS-12981)

  • [Web] - Weak Password Policy (Issue NMS-13981)

  • [Web] - Password field with autocomplete enabled on Login page (Issue NMS-13983)

  • JVM MemoryPool data collection not working (Issue NMS-14041)

  • Update guava dependency to 25.1 (Issue NMS-14209)

  • Scripts invoke sudo even if running as root (Issue NMS-14410)

  • Flow Thresholding: persist zero traffic rate (Issue NMS-14429)

  • Documentation references invalid docker version for latest horizon version release (Issue NMS-14431)

  • Kafka metrics producer considers zero values optional (Issue NMS-14469)

  • Kafka metrics producer persists unpersisted collectionsets (Issue NMS-14470)

  • New UI: Link to license points to instead of a specific license (Issue NMS-14523)

  • WebMonitor does not track the response time (Issue NMS-14535)

  • Event / Alarms filtering no longer works (Issue NMS-14542)

  • Grafana dashboard reports do not run (Issue NMS-14544)

  • Clicking on the Count # in the Alarm does not bring up the associated Events (Issue NMS-14549)

  • Mappings are not correctly handled in the JSON Collection Handler (Issue NMS-14559)

  • Fix docs references to editing org.apache.karaf.features.cfg (Issue NMS-14566)

  • Spring Framework CVE-2022-22950 Remediation (Issue NMS-14568)


  • Please update the copyright year on the docs page! (Issue NMS-13911)

  • DCB: Add Rest End point for deletion of Device Configs (Issue NMS-14287)

  • Add KPIs for CPU count and memory size to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14482)

  • Add KPIs for polls, metrics, events, and flows to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14483)

  • Add KPIs for business service count to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14485)

  • Add KPIs for count of total requisition and requisitions with custom FSD to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14486)

  • Add KPIs for notification entities to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14488)

  • Add KPIs for Sink, RPC, and Time-series strategies to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14491)

  • Add KPI item for RDBMS type and version to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14492)

  • Fix stock graphite-telemetry-interface.groovy script file (Issue NMS-14564)


  • Update XSD URL (Issue NMS-14150)

  • How to merge config on upgrade using Git (Issue NMS-14281)

  • Document allowed characters in service-names (Issue NMS-14423)

  • Add documentation to describe negate search terms in alarms advanced search (Issue NMS-14437)

  • JDBCQueryDetector documentation (Issue NMS-14453)

  • JDBStoredProcedureDetector documentation (Issue NMS-14454)

  • Release work (July 13) (Issue NMS-14458)


  • Update PG installation documentation to use SCRAM (Issue NMS-13057)

  • Upgrade Kafka components to 3.2.0 (Issue NMS-13953)

  • Debugging DCB scripts is a pain (Issue NMS-14120)

  • Update Events Documentation (Issue NMS-14212)

  • Migrate Trap configuration wiki to docs (Issue NMS-14323)

  • Document SNMP oid varbind pattern matching and varbind expansion to create unique events (Issue NMS-14346)

  • SNMP Interface Poller doc updates (Issue NMS-14412)

  • Negate search terms in event advanced search (Issue NMS-14476)

  • Update documentation for policy matching (Issue NMS-14528)

  • Add option to not store DCB script output (Issue NMS-14537)

  • Add datacollection definition for Eventd processing times (Issue NMS-14554)

  • Fix outdated MySQL / MariaDB JDBC collection config (Issue NMS-14571)

  • simplify assembly tarballs (Issue NMS-14572)


  • Upgrade to Feather 0.10.15 (Issue NMS-14547)

Release 30.0.1

Release 30.0.1 contains a number of bug fixes as well as new features, including support for encrypting credentials.

The codename for Horizon 30.0.1 is Chinchilla.


  • Error responses are not handled correctly when handling ElasticSearch responses (Issue NMS-13785)

  • Tag Netflow v9 packets as Ingress on the INPUT_SNMP ifindex and Egress on the OUTPUT_SNMP ifindex (Issue NMS-14279)

  • MIB compiler creates datacollections that fail to validate (Issue NMS-14314)

  • Bridge Topology Discovery Mismatch (Issue NMS-14322)

  • Grafana Panel Internal Server Error when lasteventid is Null for an Alarm when Using HELM (Issue NMS-14331)

  • Replace old logo references in some files/reports with the new logo (Issue NMS-14372)

  • Topology UI Error when deleting a graphml (Issue NMS-14379)

  • Link to SCV UI is missing from OG UI admin landing page (Issue NMS-14393)

  • runas=root entry in opennms.conf gets duplicated (Issue NMS-14396)

  • Kafka Consumer stops commits when overloaded (Issue NMS-14415)

  • Appliance: Minion fails to come up with 30.x and bleeding image (Issue NMS-14441)

  • External Requisition UI: foreignSource not set for VMware requisition (Issue NMS-14478)

  • Pollerd take a long time to start on systems with large inventories (Issue NMS-14524)

New feature

  • Encrypt SNMP Credentials (Issue NMS-14215)

  • Encrypt Postgres credentials (Issue NMS-14216)


  • SNMP MIB imports to handle OPAQUE data type implementation (Issue NMS-14018)

  • Support for SSH Key Authentication (Issue NMS-14119)

  • Add KPIs to datachoices telemetry for Provisiond config items (Issue NMS-14233)

  • DCB: UI : Configs without service name shouldn’t have option for Backup (Issue NMS-14300)

  • DCB: Script files are not shown in File Editor UI (Issue NMS-14411)

  • Add support for replaying packet captures to telemetryd (Issue NMS-14465)

  • Prefer ingressPhysicalInterface over INPUT_SNMP when processing flows (Issue NMS-14467)

  • Add KPI for list of enabled service daemons to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14489)



  • event nodeCategoryMembershipChanged should be more verbose (Issue NMS-10634)

  • Guide to monitor essential Microsoft Active Directory Services (Issue NMS-11793)

  • There should be documentation for the reports (Issue NMS-11810)

  • Wild cards for flow classifiations are not explained (Issue NMS-12421)

  • Create JdbcDetector documentation (Issue NMS-13427)

  • Authentication related WEB-INF files should also exist in etc-pristine (Issue NMS-13834)

  • Negate search terms in alarms advanced search (Issue NMS-14043)

  • Support writing to multiple TSDB in parallel (Issue NMS-14197)

  • Enlinkd Topology Map Layers Documentation (Issue NMS-14325)

  • Karaf scv-list command to see what entries exist (Issue NMS-14385)

  • upgrade JNA to 5 (Issue NMS-14417)

  • Add script to manipulate flows (Issue NMS-14468)


  • Update all Vue UI packages to latest (Issue NMS-14460)

Release 30.0.0

Release 30.0.0 is the first in the Horizon 30 series, introducing a number of new features, most notably a preview of a new web UI, and the ability to back up infrastructure device configs.

The codename for Horizon 30.0.0 is Nutria.


  • Provide the ability to define application thresholds and trigger events based on the thresholds. (Issue NMS-13647)


  • Vertical/Horizontal Layout Choice Not Persisting (Issue NMS-13212)

  • Enlinkd API response extremely slow for some nodes (Issue NMS-13507)

  • Node cache gets out of sync with database (Issue NMS-13508)

  • Minion /etc/sysconfig/minion file refers to Sentinel (Issue NMS-13659)

  • Install script fails when using Azure PostgreSQL Services (Issue NMS-13715)

  • Synchronization violated for InterfaceToNodeCacheDaoImpl (Issue NMS-13782)

  • OIA event configuration extensions do not work reliably (Issue NMS-13787)

  • Revisit smoke test for OIA plugins (Issue NMS-13872)

  • TIMETETRA LLDP supported device does not persist all remote links (Issue NMS-13923)

  • End to End Poller test with Sample device (Issue NMS-13925)

  • [Web] - WebServer Fingerprinting (Issue NMS-13987)

  • Telemetryd does not shut down gracefully (Issue NMS-14003)

  • Fix issues on DeviceConfig Rest Service (Issue NMS-14040)

  • Device Config Retrieval fails if TFTP Server is getting reopened (Issue NMS-14077)

  • Invalid node Foreign ID not checked during provisioning resulting in various RRD graphing problems (Issue NMS-14142)

  • Fix flaky test HeartbeatConsumerIT (Issue NMS-14164)

  • Grafana dashboard box links are no longer valid in Grafana 8.4 (Issue NMS-14184)

  • Fix new UI back button test failure (Issue NMS-14190)

  • Users with ROLE_USER face Access Denied when accessing Resource Graphs from Reports Section (Issue NMS-14193)

  • make sure license-maven-plugin is re-enabled in foundation and release branches (Issue NMS-14217)

  • Performance degradation compared to H29 (Issue NMS-14237)

  • Fixing new UI list log & etc fail due to symbolic link (Issue NMS-14239)

  • Exception when searching assets (Issue NMS-14240)

  • Requisition Web UI refers to "drop down" that doesn’t exist (Issue NMS-14246)

  • Handle duplicate interface on a given location in DeviceConfig. (Issue NMS-14248)

  • UI: cannot configure requisition (Issue NMS-14260)

  • DCB menu items are mislabeled "Configuration Management" (Issue NMS-14261)

  • Rogue opennms-tools/phonebook/pom.xml (Issue NMS-14266)

  • Disable editing of requisition:// URLs in external requisition editor (Issue NMS-14270)

  • Omit empty VMware credentials from URL in external requisition editor (Issue NMS-14271)

  • Fix requisition http/s path field and hostname validation (Issue NMS-14272)

  • Fix hostname validation (Issue NMS-14273)

  • DCB: Handle script file missing scenario better (Issue NMS-14275)

  • Remove "Commercial Support" ticket lookup from web ui support section (Issue NMS-14280)

  • Allow multi-line metadata (Issue NMS-14282)

  • Incorrect validation of requisition name for DNS external requisitions (Issue NMS-14284)

  • Main requisition editor incorrectly mentions Requisition Definition (Issue NMS-14285)

  • Remove sorting of Schedule Frequency column (Issue NMS-14286)

  • SCV entry attribute values become literal asterisks after editing in web (Issue NMS-14292)

  • DCB: SshException "EdDSA provider not supported" (Issue NMS-14306)

  • Kafka-Producer Alarm Resync Failing Post Entire Kafka Cluster Outage (Issue NMS-14321)

  • DCB: Unable to decompress the .gz file (Issue NMS-14328)

  • Shorten "External Requisitions and Thread Pools" item in New UI Preview (Issue NMS-14330)

  • DCB: Wrong cron expression results in no devices in DCB UI (Issue NMS-14333)

  • External Requisition UI: Advanced cron validation message of by 1 (Issue NMS-14340)

New Feature

  • Create Config Backup DB table and DAO layer (Issue NMS-13775)

  • Integrate persistence of Device Config with Pollerd (Issue NMS-13777)

  • Write specific event data into time series (Issue NMS-14060)

  • Add the ability to define an enumeration to convert collected strings into numeric values (Issue NMS-14084)

  • Add SCV Rest API (Issue NMS-14173)

  • Add UI Components for SCV (Issue NMS-14205)

  • DCB: Handle Archival of backups (Issue NMS-14214)


  • Add docs to Health-Check Rest API (Issue NMS-13386)

  • Geo Map: make use of modules for vuex store so that the code can be easily integrated into larger project (Issue NMS-13506)

  • Geo map: Display different colors on map base on alarm severity (Issue NMS-13561)

  • Create REST endpoint to trigger rescan of individual nodes (Issue NMS-13638)

  • Smoke tests should use HealthCheck Rest instead of connecting to SSH (Issue NMS-13645)

  • Upgrade Karaf to v4.3.6 (Issue NMS-13658)

  • Document how to upgrade OpenNMS (Issue NMS-13692)

  • Flow Thresholds: Proof-of-concept implementation (in-memory approach) (Issue NMS-13706)

  • Flow Thresholds: Documentation (Issue NMS-13707)

  • Flow Thresholds: Data collection (Issue NMS-13708)

  • Flow Thresholds: Scheduling for data collection & thresholding (Issue NMS-13709)

  • Flow Thresholds: Graph Templates (Issue NMS-13710)

  • Flow Thresholds: Housekeeping (Issue NMS-13711)

  • Flow Thresholds: Allow to enable/disable thresholding/data collection (Issue NMS-13712)

  • Add OIA plugin support for Minion (Issue NMS-13739)

  • Allow collectors exposed via OIA to be scheduled via collectd (Issue NMS-13743)

  • Add OIA plugin support for Sentinel (Issue NMS-13751)

  • Flow Threshold: Create session by Interface Id (Issue NMS-13771)

  • Web-based file editor for $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/ (Issue NMS-13772)

  • Flow Thresholds: Compute sequence numbers to support distributed flow thresholding (Issue NMS-13790)

  • Implement TFTP Server to fetch config from network devices (Issue NMS-13796)

  • Implement Device Config Monitor (Issue NMS-13797)

  • DCB - Create a default poller config for backup (Issue NMS-13801)

  • DCB - Document how to use the polling packages and the requisition to configure backups (Issue NMS-13802)

  • DCB - Provide a dashboard (Issue NMS-13803)

  • DCB - Add trigger for manual backup (Issue NMS-13804)

  • Flow Thresholds: Add ifName to (Issue NMS-13855)

  • Sanitize application names in resources (Issue NMS-13913)

  • Flow Thresholds: Improve logging and debug (Issue NMS-13915)

  • Tackle poller scheduling with Device Config Backup (Issue NMS-13924)

  • Create a module that handles all device config retrieval and receiving backup config (Issue NMS-13935)

  • Create module to retrieve Device Config backup manually (Issue NMS-13936)

  • Create Sink module that can receive Device Config backup updates (Issue NMS-13937)

  • Flow Thresholds: Fix handling of rrdRepository (Issue NMS-13945)

  • Move persistence to MonitorAdaptor, add failure related fields (Issue NMS-13950)

  • Create alarm when device config backup fails (Issue NMS-13951)

  • Add Rest API to trigger manual backup of Device Config (Issue NMS-13952)

  • Retroactively tie in the endpoints (Issue NMS-13968)

  • Add Rest API to Retrieve Device Config Schedule Data (Issue NMS-13970)

  • DCB - Rest API for Downloading Device Configuration (Issue NMS-13990)

  • Investigate and identify steps (JIRA issues) to support constraints based on multiple parameters in the rules engine (Issue NMS-14006)

  • Add End-to-End Integration Test for Device Config Monitor (Issue NMS-14012)

  • Add introduction for Device Config Backup feature (Issue NMS-14013)

  • Add Karaf command to retrieve Device Config (Issue NMS-14031)

  • DCB - Delete all device configs related to deleted interfaces / nodes (Issue NMS-14038)

  • Determine Local IPAddress on Minion/OpenNMS system (Issue NMS-14039)

  • DCB Rest API: Ensure various sorting/filtering criteria work (Issue NMS-14046)

  • DCB Rest API: Parse cron scheduling info (Issue NMS-14047)

  • Unify and streamline metadata and service handling (Issue NMS-14049)

  • Revisit error/exception handling in SshScriptingServiceImpl (Issue NMS-14061)

  • Document missing handlers (Issue NMS-14065)

  • Always retrieve script from file instead of inline script (Issue NMS-14069)

  • DCB: UI fixes as per Demo Feedback (Issue NMS-14081)

  • DCB: Return config data as text in Rest API (Issue NMS-14082)

  • DCB: Create UI for comparing 2 backup configurations (Issue NMS-14089)

  • Vue UI - Upgrade all packaged to latest, introduce auto-imports (Issue NMS-14090)

  • Create OpenNMS images for the ARM processor (Issue NMS-14098)

  • Upgrade feather to v0.10.1, fix CSS changes, breaking TS changes (Issue NMS-14104)

  • DCB UI Changes based on latest Rest API (Issue NMS-14110)

  • DCB Rest API Updates (Issue NMS-14112)

  • Support Host Key verification (Issue NMS-14118)

  • Support new role for viewing and performing manual Device Backups (Issue NMS-14121)

  • DCB: UI Documentation (Issue NMS-14131)

  • DCB: UI changes to align with latest Rest API (Issue NMS-14141)

  • DCB: API endpoint renaming (Issue NMS-14147)

  • DCB: Rest API and UI: Fixes to device backup (Issue NMS-14151)

  • DCB: Download not working correctly (Issue NMS-14152)

  • DCB: Multiple Device Backup from UI/Rest (Issue NMS-14153)

  • DCB: Add support for SCV retrieval through Metadata API (Issue NMS-14155)

  • DCB: Monitor should return poll status based on last retrieval (Issue NMS-14163)

  • DCB: Display Device Count for queries (Issue NMS-14165)

  • DCB: add messages in UI to indicate the lack of the new DCB role (Issue NMS-14170)

  • Add document for event time series collector (Issue NMS-14171)

  • DCB: Provide example scripts to download device configurations (Issue NMS-14174)

  • DCB: New UI display for Config Type (Issue NMS-14175)

  • Expose Secure Credentials Vault via Integration API (Issue NMS-14185)

  • Document new UI features in H30 (Issue NMS-14189)

  • Add new KPIs to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14203)

  • Restrict logging on (Issue NMS-14206)

  • Add docs for SCV (Issue NMS-14207)

  • Create release notes content for H30 (Issue NMS-14230)

  • Super-admin role required to edit config files (Issue NMS-14242)

  • Add DCB services to 24-hour availability view (Issue NMS-14244)

  • Send events when a backup starts, succeds, or fails (Issue NMS-14245)

  • modifiable OID prefix in BgpSessionMonitor (Issue NMS-14249)

  • Performance of time series integration layer (Issue NMS-14250)

  • DCB - Document impact of DCB on poller thread consumption (Issue NMS-14255)

  • Make org.opennms.netmgt.collectd.strictInterval true by default (Issue NMS-14259)

  • DCB: Whenever Sink pushes config, config type should be Sink instead of default (Issue NMS-14297)

  • DCB UI : Allow Config type to be more than two not just default/running (Issue NMS-14298)

  • DCB: Allow TFTP Port to be Parameterized in Script (Issue NMS-14301)

  • Rename role from ROLE_CONFIG_EDITOR to ROLE_FILESYSTEM_EDITOR (Issue NMS-14309)

  • External Requisition UI: Thread pools adjust upper bound validation (Issue NMS-14345)


  • LoopMonitor & detector (Issue NMS-11042)

  • Document PassiveServiceMonitor (Issue NMS-11052)

  • WmiMonitor (Issue NMS-11065)

  • Investigate Vue3 features (Issue NMS-13393)

  • Investigate Leaflet for OpenNMS geo-map (Issue NMS-13394)

  • Investigate integrate Leaflet with Vue3 for OpenNMS geo map (Issue NMS-13424)

  • Initiate Vue3 code for geo-map (Issue NMS-13431)

  • Geo-map POC: RESTful call to OpenNMS backend with basic auth (Issue NMS-13450)

  • GeoMap: Temporary use existing OpenNMS RESTful APIs to get some real data (Issue NMS-13451)

  • Geo-map: use Vuex to manage nodes info retrieved from OpenNMS (Issue NMS-13454)

  • Geo-map: work with Ben designing RESTful API for Geo-map page (Issue NMS-13455)

  • Geo-map POC: Investigate using AG-Grid to display nodes list on the geo-map page (Issue NMS-13457)

  • GeoMap: Investigate the Vue3 reactivity in geomap page to sync the map, nodes and alarms subpages. (Issue NMS-13471)

  • Document the Grafana Image Renderer plugin’s dependencies (Issue NMS-13484)

  • Geo-Map: Nodes, Alrarm Grid and Leaflet map need to listen to the change of the Monitored Nodes (Issue NMS-13502)

  • Geo-Map: Convert vuex module code to typescript (Issue NMS-13503)

  • Geo-Map: customize the filter for the severity in alarm page (Issue NMS-13505)

  • Geo-map: investigate leaflet marker cluster in vue3 (Issue NMS-13514)

  • geo-map: initiate geo-map typescript project (Issue NMS-13533)

  • Geo-Map: Convert the nodes, alarms grid and map page to typescript and use vue SFC (Issue NMS-13541)

  • Geo-Map: implement the Acknowlege/Unackowlege…​ on Alarm grid page (Issue NMS-13542)

  • Geo-Map: port Geo-Map code to ui-foundation (Issue NMS-13589)

  • Geo-Map: move map center to selected node while double click the row in the Node grid (Issue NMS-13595)

  • geo-map: Have default sort column (Issue NMS-13630)

  • geo-map: "<p>" in column "LOG MESSAGE" (Issue NMS-13633)

  • geo-map: Add count to the Alarms and Nodes tab name (Issue NMS-13639)

  • Geo-Map: add Feather UI to geo-map project (Issue NMS-13665)

  • Update Netty to 4.1.69 (Issue NMS-13721)

  • ssh scripting support for triggering TFTP upload of device configurations (Issue NMS-13899)

  • update jsch (Issue NMS-13902)

  • rest endpoint for device config retrieval (Issue NMS-13914)

  • Build process improvement: Cache node artifacts (Issue NMS-13947)

  • Basic upgrade procedure (Issue NMS-13971)

  • Document housekeeping tasks before upgrade (Issue NMS-13972)

  • Return device config filename when polling (Issue NMS-14017)

  • Review wording of the new Provisiond UI (Issue NMS-14050)

  • Update existing documentation related to provisiond xml file (Issue NMS-14051)

  • Update inline help text for new provisiond UI (Issue NMS-14062)

  • Document HTTP and HTTPS handlers (Issue NMS-14066)

  • Documentation for OIA changes (Issue NMS-14154)

  • Document multi constraint parameter feature addition (Issue NMS-14238)

  • Implement "latest" tag with documentation (Issue NMS-14253)

  • TEST: Provisioning config UI / thread pool sizes (Issue NMS-14263)

  • Test provisioning config UI / external requisitions (Issue NMS-14264)

  • Test web UI file editor (Issue NMS-14267)

  • Test flow thresholding (Issue NMS-14268)

  • CircleCI caching OIA issue (Issue NMS-14291)

  • Latest DCB UX Updates (Issue NMS-14304)

  • Fix UI yarn.lock conflicts with latest updates (Issue NMS-14308)

  • Fix Feather Dialog issue on 0.10.10 (Issue NMS-14316)

  • DCB Rest API: Update History to filter by config type (Issue NMS-14317)

  • DCB UI: History and Compare should only display one config type (Issue NMS-14318)

  • DCB Rest API: Order by Location and Backup Status (Issue NMS-14324)


  • Add a note to remember delete the browsers cache when upgrading OpenNMS (Issue NMS-8504)

  • Two BridgePort Node - Topology Mismatch (Issue NMS-10226)

  • there is no documentation on the instrumentation log reader (Issue NMS-10393)

  • Jira Cloud Support (Issue NMS-13443)

  • Migrate External Auth into docs (Issue NMS-13574)

  • Geo-Map: make Alarms | Nodes tab more apparent (Issue NMS-13605)

  • geo-map: swap the position of "Alarms" and "Nodes" tab and fix typo "label" (Issue NMS-13620)

  • geo-map: disable the hidden filter beside the column name (Issue NMS-13631)

  • geo-map: rename "LAST CAPABILITIES SCAN", "Apply Filter" and "Submit" (Issue NMS-13632)

  • geo-map: Adjust to column width (Issue NMS-13634)

  • Document how to set up SSL with Jetty (Issue NMS-13684)

  • Upgrade Kafka components to 3.0.0 (Issue NMS-13716)

  • Initial framework for new UI developed with Vue3 & FeatherDS (Issue NMS-13720)

  • Update FeatherDS, replace LightDark icon, replace sidebar with navigation rail (Issue NMS-13798)

  • Validate IP Addresses when adding/updating nodes via REST API (Issue NMS-13805)

  • Improve handling of invalid IP addresses during provisioning cycle (Issue NMS-13806)

  • Flesh out Prometheus datacollection shipped config (Issue NMS-13824)

  • Add Health Check Rest API on Sentinel (Issue NMS-13837)

  • Add new UI RapiDoc interface to consume OpenApi spec (Issue NMS-13873)

  • Vue UI Housekeeping (Issue NMS-13876)

  • remove easymock from tests (Issue NMS-13957)

  • Incorporate Device Config Demo feedback (Issue NMS-14080)

  • Availability percentages show too many decimals (Issue NMS-14114)

  • DCB: Verify that service is actually bound (Issue NMS-14127)

  • DCB: Error reporting needs love (Issue NMS-14128)

  • DCB: Debug script execution (Issue NMS-14129)

  • Support for netflowv9 fields ingressPhysicalInterface & egressPhysicalInterface (Issue NMS-14130)

  • DCB: trigger backup via REST should block (Issue NMS-14143)

  • DCB: filename suffix should be globally unique (Issue NMS-14144)

  • DCB: Allow to disable scheduling (Issue NMS-14145)

  • DCB: Backup is triggered after provisioning (Issue NMS-14146)

  • DCB: Expecting dot before filename suffix (Issue NMS-14156)

  • Typo in HttpPostMonitor parameters (Issue NMS-14159)

  • Merge feature/device-config back to develop (Issue NMS-14166)

  • DCB: List devices that never has done a backup (Issue NMS-14167)

  • DCB: Backup is always triggered on minion (Issue NMS-14168)

  • DCB: Getting the device config also persists [RFC] (Issue NMS-14176)

  • Be able to control label sizes for the stress-metrics command (Issue NMS-14194)

  • SCV: Masked credentials should be ignored in update (Issue NMS-14218)

  • SCV: Add Shell command to validate Credentials (Issue NMS-14227)

  • SCV: Cache JCEKS credentials in memory (Issue NMS-14228)

  • Confusing web UI navigation titles (Issue NMS-14247)

  • Expand XmlCollector documented parameters (Issue NMS-14256)

  • Restructure Collector docs file path (Issue NMS-14258)

  • Additional shipped thresholds for OpenNMS-JVM metrics (Issue NMS-14289)

  • Correct errors on Business Service Monitoring docs (Issue NMS-14337)

  • Modify host, zone and requisition name field validation (Issue NMS-14359)

  • Snmp Link Up does not clear Snmp Link Down (Issue NMS-14378)


  • Upgrade FeatherDS to v0.10.2 (Issue NMS-14126)

  • Update all new UI packages to latest versions (Issue NMS-14157)

  • Upgrade to feather 0.10.8 & resolve TS issues (Issue NMS-14236)