Configuration Tester

To identify configuration problems, use the config-tester located in ${OPENNMS_HOME}/bin/. Use config-tester to check configuration files. Type -l, --list to view the list of files checked. It prints issues into output.log. You can use the tool while OpenNMS is running to check configuration beforehand.

Possible parameters:

# ${OPENNMS_HOME}/bin/config-tester -h
 usage: config-tester -a
                     OR: config-tester [config files]
                     OR: config-tester -l
                     OR: config-tester -h
 -a,--all              check all supported configuration files
 -h,--help             print this help and exit
 -i,--ignore-unknown   ignore unknown configuration files and continue
 -l,--list             list supported configuration files and exit
 -v,--verbose          list each configuration file as it is tested