Event Analysis Report

This report provides an analysis of all events over the past 30 days. This report contains the following sections:

  • All events by source

  • Top 25 events by unique event identifier (UEI) and event source

  • Top 25 event hours

  • Top 25 events by node

  • Top 25 events by node and UEI

  • Top 25 nodes with generic enterprise default traps

The first section includes a pie showing all events by source, along with a table with the data for the pie chart. This section also includes two line charts showing the total average processed events per hour and the events per day. Finally, it contains a table with information about the database providing the above information.

The next four sections each contain a table and a corresponding line chart showing a breakdown of the top 25 events over the last 30 days broken down from different perspectives.

The "Top 25 events by UEI and event source" shows the top 25 instances of the various combinations of UEI (for example, nodes/NodeDown, threshold/highThresholdExceeded, etc.) and event sources (for example, OpenNMS.Poller.DefaultPollContext, OpenNMS.Threshd.hrStorageUsed, etc.).

The next section, "Top 25 event hours," counts the number of times each UEI occurs within every hour of the 30-day window and then lists the top 25 combinations of UEI and hour. This table will show the top hours when a specific UEI occurred.

The next section shows the top 25 nodes with the most events over the 30-day window.

The next section counts the number of each UEI event that occurred at each node over the 30-day window and lists the top 25 combinations of UEI and node.

The last section shows the top 25 nodes with the most common traps, assuming that SNMP traps are being received.

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