HostResourceSWRun Detector

This detector tests the running state of one or more processes. It does this via SNMP by inspecting the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB hrSwRunTable. The test matches a given process as hrSwRunName to determine if it exists on the node.

Since this detector uses SNMP to accomplish its work, systems you use it against must have an SNMP agent that supports the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB installed and configured. Most modern SNMP agents, including most distributions of the Net-SNMP agent and the SNMP service that ship with Microsoft Windows, support this MIB. Out-of-the-box support for HOST-RESOURCES-MIB among commercial Unix operating systems may vary.

This detector implements the configuration parameters inherited from the SNMP Detector.

Detector facts



Configuration and use

Table 1. Required parameters for the HostResourceSwRunDetector
Parameter Description Default value


Process name to detect.



<detector name="Process-dhcpd" class="org.opennms.netmgt.provision.detector.snmp.HostResourceSWRunDetector">
    <parameter key="serviceToDetect" value="dhcpd"/>