the default offset is 0, the default limit is 10 results. To get all results, use limit=0 as a parameter on the URL (i.e., GET /acks?limit=0).

GETs (Reading Data)

Resource Description


Get a list of acknowledgements.


Get the number of acknowledgements. (Returns plaintext, rather than XML or JSON.)


Get the acknowledgement specified by the given ID.

POSTs (Setting Data)

Resource Description


Creates or modifies an acknowledgement for the given alarm ID or notification ID. To affect an alarm, set an alarmId< parameter in the URL-encoded POST body. To affect a notification, set notifyId instead. An action parameter is also required, and may be one of ack, unack, clear, or esc (escalate).

Use examples with curl

Acknowledge notification #3
curl -u 'admin:admin' -X POST -d notifId=3 -d action=ack http://localhost:8980/opennms/rest/acks
Escalate alarm #42
curl -u 'admin:admin' -X POST -d alarmId=42 -d action=esc http://localhost:8980/opennms/rest/acks