Horizon Log Files

This section describes common log files to look at when troubleshooting.


${OPENNMS_HOME}/logs/manager.log contains information relating to manager server events and the start and stop processes for Horizon services. For example, this log describes a problem connecting to the PostgreSQL database server:

2023-03-20 14:08:11,256 INFO  [Main] o.o.f.s.j.JCEKSSecureCredentialsVault: No existing keystore found at: /opt/opennms/etc/scv.jce. Using empty keystore.
2023-03-20 14:08:11,257 ERROR [Main] o.o.n.v.DatabaseChecker: Unable to connect to data source 'opennms' at URL 'jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/opennms' with username 'opennms', check opennms-datasources.xml and your database permissions.
2023-03-20 14:08:11,258 ERROR [Main] o.o.n.v.Controller: error invoking "check" operation: Data source 'opennms' failed.
org.opennms.netmgt.vmmgr.InvalidDataSourceException: Data source 'opennms' failed.


${OPENNMS_HOME}/logs/karafStartupMonitor.log contains information relating to startup of the Horizon Karaf container and its feature functionality. For example, this log describes a problem with the Karaf container’s startup process, and steps you can take to troubleshoot the error:

2023-03-24 14:18:46,751 INFO  [Main] o.o.f.k.h.d.KarafStartupMonitor: KarafStartupMonitor is starting.
2023-03-24 14:18:46,752 INFO  [Main] o.o.f.k.h.d.KarafStartupMonitor: Waiting for loading of org.opennms.features.karaf.health.service.KarafHealthService, will block startup until service is available.
2023-03-24 14:23:46,766 ERROR [Main] o.o.n.d.AbstractSpringContextJmxServiceDaemon: Could not start daemon: java.lang.IllegalStateException: KarafStartupMonitor: It seems Karaf can't be started properly. This is bad, will fail startup.
What can you do about this?
1.) check in logs/karaf.log for problems
2.) clear the 'data' folder - it contains Karaf's cache
3.) run the script bin/fix-karaf-setup.sh
If unexpected results occur when using Karaf, run ${OPENNMS_HOME}/bin/fix-karaf-setup.sh.