Step 1: First-Time Login

As part of the installation process, we recommend logging in using the default admin account. If you have not already done so, log in for the first time and opt in or out of usage statistics data collection (see First login and data choices).

This section describes how to create a personal user account.

For additional information on user management, including user groups, user configuration, and security roles, see User Management in the Deep Dive section.

Create a new user

We recommend that you do not use the default admin user account, but instead create specific users with the Admin role and other permissions. This helps to keep track of who has performed tasks such as clearing alarms or creating notifications, set up personalized notification workflows or group users into teams to help delegate areas of responsibility within Horizon.

For the purpose of this Quick Start guide, create one new user account for yourself, assign it the Admin role, and configure your email address and any other relevant contact information:

  1. Click the gear symbol at the top-right of the screen.

  2. Under OpenNMS System, click Configure Users, Groups and On-Call Roles.

  3. On the Users and Groups screen, click Configure Users.

  4. Click Add New User, specify a user ID and password, confirm the password, and click OK.

  5. Enter your information:

    • In the User Information section, type your name in the Full Name box.

    • In the Security Roles section, select ROLE_ADMIN in the Available Roles list and click Add >> to add it to your account.

    • In the Notification Information section, add your email address in the Email box.

      • (Optional) Add other contact information (for example, a mobile phone number).

  6. Click Finish at the bottom of the screen to create the account.

You will need this user account for the next step: Turn on Default Notifications.

Do not delete the default admin and rtc user accounts. The rtc user account is used for the communication of the Real-Time Console on the start page to calculate the node and service availability. You should still change the password of the admin user to be more secure.