Enable the Kafka Producer

The Kafka Producer is disabled by default and can be enabled as follows.

First, log in to the Karaf shell of your Horizon instance and configure the Kafka client settings to point to your Kafka broker. See Producer Configs for a complete list of available options.

Connect to Karaf shell
ssh -p 8101 admin@localhost
Configure the Kafka producer client
config:edit org.opennms.features.kafka.producer.client
config:property-set bootstrap.servers kafka-broker-ip:9092 (1)
1 Set the Kafka broker IP by replacing the kafka-broker-ip and port you want to connect to. Add multiple hosts in a comma-separated list, for example, kafka-broker-1:9092,kafka-broker-2:9092

Next, install the opennms-kafka-producer feature from that same shell using:

feature:install opennms-kafka-producer

To ensure that the feature continues to be installed on subsequent restarts, add opennms-kafka-producer to a file in featuresBoot.d:

echo "opennms-kafka-producer" | sudo tee ${OPENNMS_HOME}/etc/featuresBoot.d/kafka-producer.boot