Loop Detector

The LoopDetector gives Horizon users the ability to force a service onto an interface during service detection. You can use the LoopDetector to ensure a specific service is added to all nodes without performing a check against the node. This type of detector is primarily used along with passive service monitoring.

First, add a detector for the new service to the desired foreign-source definition. Use the LOOP class:

Add parameters:

  • ipMatch : 169.254..

Here’s how the above looks in the requisition XML:

<detector name="PCR" class="org.opennms.netmgt.provision.detector.loop.LoopDetector">
    <parameter key="ipMatch" value="169.254.*.*"/>

This configuration will cause the "PCR" service to be detected (without any actual network-based scanning happening) on any interface with an IP address starting with "169.254".

Detector facts



Configuration and use

Table 1. Parameters for the LoopDetector
Parameter Description Default value



IP address wildcard. If the node has an IP address that matches, the service will be flagged for the node.




Must be set to true for detection to succeed.