IP Interfaces

Obtain a list of IP interfaces based on a set of criteria.

This API is v2-only, and uses FIQL for querying.


  • /api/v2/ipinterfaces?_s=node.label==onms-prd-01

  • /api/v2/ipinterfaces?_s=ipAddress==

GET (reading data)

IP Interfaces API GET function
Resource Description


Get all IP interfaces for the given search criteria.


Get IP interfaces whose nodes are in the foreign source Servers:

curl -u admin:admin "http://localhost:8980/opennms/api/v2/ipinterfaces?_s=node.foreignSource==Servers"

PUTs/POSTs (Modifying Data)

The /ipinterfaces REST API is read-only. To create new IP interfaces, use the ipinterfaces resources under the nodes endpoint.