GETs (reading data)

Events API GET functions
Resource Description


Get a list of events. The default for offset is 0, and the default for limit is 10. To get all results, use limit=0 as a parameter on the URL (for example, GET /events?limit=0).


Get the number of events (returns plaintext, rather than XML or JSON).


Get the event specified by the given ID.

PUTs (modifying data)

PUT requires form data using application/x-www-form-urlencoded as a Content-Type.

Events API PUT functions
Resource Description


Acknowledges (or unacknowledges) an event.


Acknowledges (or unacknowledges) the matching events.

POST (adding data)

POST requires XML (application/xml) or JSON (application/json) as its Content-Type.

See ${OPENNMS_HOME}/share/xsds/event.xsd for the reference schema.
Events API POST function
Resource Description


Publish an event on the event bus.