Getting Started

After you log in, there are several different ways to proceed. This getting started section provides instructions on how to discover your inventory and create monitoring policies to ensure you are monitoring what you want to monitor.

First-time login (OpenNMS Cloud)

Note that first-time login with OpenNMS Cloud includes basic onboarding of setting up a location and Minion.


To log out of the software, click the logout symbol bracket with right arrow in the top right of any screen. Note that with OpenNMS Cloud, this action logs you out of OpenNMS Cloud but does not log you out of the OpenNMS Cloud Portal. You need to log out of the Cloud Portal separately from its own UI.

Toggle light/dark mode

By default, the OpenNMS Cloud/Lōkahi UI appears in light mode. To switch between light and dark modes, click the light/dark mode symbol circle that is half black in the top right of any screen.