Create a Monitoring Policy

A monitoring policy uses tags and rules to customize the type of monitoring data that you collect and the notifications you receive about that data.

Note that you can also create a monitoring policy by copying an existing one and editing it. Click the policy, then click the copy symbol at the top right of the Policy Name area.

To create a monitoring policy, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Monitoring Policies in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click New Policy.

  3. Type a name for the policy.

  4. In the Memo box, type details about the policy you might want as a reference (for example, its basic use case).

  5. (Optional) Select the type of notifications that you want to receive for any alerts.

  6. Add tags to include in the policy.

    1. Select an existing tag from the drop-down list, or type a name and click New to create a tag.

      This policy will apply to any nodes that have the same tags.

  7. To add a rule to the policy, click New Rule, on the bottom left of the page.

    A rule specifies the conditions under which OpenNMS generates alerts. Rules are available only with the policy in which they were created.

  8. Specify the name, component type, detection method, and event type to include.

  9. Set the criteria that will trigger an alert.

    1. To include multiple criteria, click Additional Conditions.

  10. Click Save Rule.

  11. Click Save Policy.

Users should take care to test monitoring policies in a non-production or staging environment prior to rollout on production, particularly to make sure rules do not conflict.