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Last update:

2024-06-22 23:52:31 UTC

Lōkahi (pronounced "loh-KAH-hee") is an open source network monitoring project designed for Cloud-native deployments: the next generation of OpenNMS Horizon. Both the word lōkahi, which means unity, unison, and harmony, and David Hustace, one of The OpenNMS Group’s founders, share Hawaiian roots.

The Lōkahi project allows us to collaborate and move quickly to achieve the project’s goals much more rapidly than we could by refactoring the OpenNMS Horizon project. This way, Horizon continues to evolve as a community project and users can still count on Meridian for continuous improvement and deployment in traditional production environments.

Lōkahi aims to provide the following:

  • A modern, intuitive user experience to accomplish network monitoring tasks quickly.

  • Multi-tenancy for any organization that wants to isolate its monitoring environments.

  • A cloud-native service built using a microservices design and orchestrated using Kubernetes.

  • A solution that implements industry and de facto monitoring standards with dynamically deployed plugins for collecting monitoring data and synthetically testing network services.

  • A resilient distributed monitoring system that can be easily deployed to scale horizontally for any monitoring workload.

  • A system that can extend its monitoring capabilities, and integrate into corporate incident management workflows, via streaming and plugin APIs.

Lōkahi also forms the basis of our OpenNMS Cloud product, a cloud-based network monitoring solution.