Network Inventory

Inventory refers to the devices and entities in your network that OpenNMS Cloud has identified through the discovery process. OpenNMS displays these nodes on the Network Inventory page under the following categories:

  • Monitored Nodes: Discovered nodes that OpenNMS Cloud is monitoring.

  • Unmonitored Nodes: Discovered nodes that are not yet tagged for monitoring. They did not match any of the criteria in any monitoring policy, including the default one.

  • Detected Nodes: Nodes identified through an indirect way like via flow. You can choose to monitor the node through a monitoring policy, or ignore it.

Inventory management involves the following:

  • Examining unmonitored and detected nodes to determine if you want to monitor them.

  • Tagging nodes so that they are monitored.

  • Updating or creating monitoring policies to discover additional network nodes.

  • Removing nodes you do not want to monitor from the monitored nodes list.