Monitoring Policies

A monitoring policy defines a set of rules for monitoring nodes and automatically taking action under certain conditions (for example, sending alerts), and the notification type for those alerts (email or PagerDuty).

Tags, monitoring policies, and nodes

A tag is an optional label (for example, router) that you can associate with nodes and monitoring policies that allows for easy and flexible filtering and grouping of devices.

OpenNMS assigns the default tag to all nodes identified through the discovery process. Users can remove this tag or add other tags to the node (see Create tags and add them to a node), depending on how they want to set up their system.

Default monitoring policy

By default, OpenNMS Cloud/Lōkahi starts monitoring the system when it discovers nodes. This is because the discovery process automatically assigns the default tag to all discovered nodes, and the default monitoring policy includes a default tag.

The default monitoring policy creates alerts for devices that are offline, coming back online, unreachable, or whose service has been restored.

As you customize Lōkahi/Cloud for your own monitoring requirements, you may choose to add/remove node tags from nodes or the default monitoring policy, or create new monitoring policies.

Before you begin

Make sure you have done the following before you create a monitoring policy:

  • Performed at least one discovery.

  • Created tags for the nodes you are monitoring.