Monitoring Policies

A monitoring policy defines a set of rules for monitoring nodes and automatically taking action under certain conditions (for example, sending alerts, enforcing thresholds). You can apply a monitoring policy to multiple devices, allowing for easy management of the devices on your network.

Default monitoring policy

By default, OpenNMS Cloud/Lōkahi starts monitoring the system when it discovers nodes. The default monitoring policy applies to all discovered nodes, and includes the following parameters:

  • Accepts SNMP Traps, Syslogs, and API events.

  • MIB-II enabled.

  • Azure cloud monitoring enabled.

  • Flows, Netflow, and JFlow enabled.

  • Uses PagerDuty to send notifications to all OpenNMS Cloud/Lōkahi users in your organization.

Before you begin

Make sure you have done the following before you create a monitoring policy:

  • Performed at least one discovery.

  • Created tags for the nodes you are monitoring.