Operational Status

Every business service maintains an operational status that represents its overall status. The overall status is calculated from the edges, using the map and reduce functions, and uses the severities from associated events and alarms.

If a business service changes its operational status, a uei.opennms.org/bsm/serviceOperationalStatusChanged event is generated. In cases where the operational status changes severity to a state other than Normal, a uei.opennms.org/bsm/serviceProblem event is generated and is assigned the same severity as the business service. When the business service returns to Normal severity, a uei.opennms.org/bsm/serviceProblemResolved event is generated.

You can use the serviceProblem and serviceProblemResolved events for notifications or ticketing integration.

Event log messages have the following information:

  • businessServiceName: The business service name.

  • id: The business service identifier.

  • prevSeverityId: The ID of the event’s previous severity.

  • prevSeverityLabel: The the event’s previous severity label.

  • newSeverityId: The ID of the event’s new severity.

  • newSeverityLabel: The event’s new severity label.