InMemory Ticketer

To test out external ticketing plugin integration, Inmemory ticketer plugin is added as a OSGi feature. This can be installed by adding feature opennms-inmemory-ticketer.

Once installed, use opennms:inmemory-ticketer karaf command to query/update ticket state.

Configurations has to be made in the Horizon etc directory. We reference etc relative to the OpenNMS Horizon Core home directory. Depending on your operating system the home directory is /usr/share/opennms for Debian/Ubuntu or /opt/opennms for CentOS/RHEL.
Create a OpenNMS properties file to enable the ticketer plugin
sudo vi etc/
Set OSGi based ticketer plugin and enable it
opennms.ticketer.plugin = org.opennms.netmgt.ticketd.OSGiBasedTicketerPlugin
opennms.alarmTroubleTicketEnabled = true


Query a ticket from InMemory ticketer:

Connect to the Karaf Shell
ssh -p 8101 admin@localhost
opennms:inmemory-ticketer -t 4

Set ticket status to CLOSED on ticketId 4 :

opennms:inmemory-ticketer -t 4 CLOSED