The LDAPS monitor tests the response of an SSL-enabled LDAP server. The LDAPS monitor is an SSL-enabled extension of the LDAP monitor with a default TCP port value of 636. All LdapMonitor parameters apply, so refer to LdapMonitor for more information. This monitor implements the same placeholder substitution in parameter values as LdapMonitor.

Monitor facts

Class Name


Configuration and use

Table 1. Optional monitor-specific parameter for the LdapsMonitor
Parameter Description Default


The destination port where connections are attempted.


This monitor implements the Common Configuration Parameters.


Example uses CentOS/RHEL path name. For Debian/Ubuntu, use /var/lib/opennms/rrd/response.

Note that you must include the monitor section in your definition.

<!-- LDAPS service at OpenNMS.org is on port 6636 -->
<service name="LDAPS" interval="300000" user-defined="false" status="on">
  <parameter key="port" value="6636"/>
  <parameter key="version" value="3"/>
  <parameter key="searchbase" value="dc=opennms,dc=org"/>
  <parameter key="searchfilter" value="uid=ulf"/>
  <parameter key="retry" value="2"/>
  <parameter key="timeout" value="3000"/>
  <parameter key="rrd-repository" value="/opt/opennms/share/rrd/response"/>
  <parameter key="rrd-base-name" value="ldaps"/>
  <parameter key="ds-name" value="ldaps"/>

<monitor service="LDAPS" class-name="org.opennms.netmgt.poller.monitors.LdapsMonitor" />