SNMP Interfaces

Obtain a list of SNMP interfaces based on a set of criteria.

This API is v2-only, and uses FIQL for querying.


  • /api/v2/snmpinterfaces?_s=node.label==onms-prd-01

  • /api/v2/snmpinterfaces?_s=ifIndex==6

GET (reading data)

SNMP Interfaces API GET function
Resource Description


Get all SNMP interfaces for the given search criteria.


Get SNMP interfaces whose node are in the foreign source Servers and are associated with IP address

curl -u admin:admin "http://localhost:8980/opennms/api/v2/snmpinterfaces?_s=node.foreignSource==Servers;ipInterfaces.ipAddress="

PUTs/POSTs (modifying data)

The /snmpinterfaces REST API is read-only. To create new SNMP interfaces, use the snmpinterfaces resources under the nodes endpoint.