Win32 Service Detector

The Win32ServiceDetector detects the availability of services on Windows devices that have SNMP enabled. It queries the Microsoft LAN Manager MIB . over SNMP to confirm the service exists and is active. The given win32ServiceName parameter is converted into the decimal ASCII characters of the Windows service display name. A service is detected when the OID returns active(1) from the svSvcOperatingState (. table.

The suffix is constructed by the number of characters and the decimal ASCII characters of the service display name. Display names in Microsoft Windows depend on the language settings of the operating system and may differ. For example, the display name for the Task Scheduler has 14 characters and becomes OID suffix

Detector facts



Configuration and use

Table 1. Required parameters for the Win32ServiceDetector
Parameter Description Default value


The Windows service name to discover. This should be the Display Name field value for the desired Windows service, as displayed in the services.msc applet.


You can query the svSvcName table ( to identify the display name to use for the win32ServiceName parameter.