Collectd Schedule

The opennms:collectd-schedule Karaf Shell command can be used to output details of the Collectd scheduler.

  • List all collected statistics of the Collectd daemon.

  • Use --services/-s to output a number of scheduled services. The option’s argument specifies the limit. Use 0 to display all scheduled services.

    opennms:collectd-schedule --services 0
  • You can alter the output by specifying --columns/-c using a comma-seperated list of the columns to display.

    opennms:collectd-schedule --services 0 --columns nodeId,readyTimeMs
  • You can alter the order of the displayed service schedules by using the option --option/-o. To switch to a descending order specify the additional option --desc/-d.

    opennms:collectd-schedule --services 0 --order nodeId --desc