Notification Configuration

The Configure Notifications chapter in the Quick Start section includes basic procedures to configure and customize Horizon notifications. This section presents more advanced notification configuration options.

Configure path outages

Path outages prevent the generation of excess notifications by identifying network paths where failures may cause multiple nodes to appear offline.

Configuring a path outage lets you suppress notifications for nodes that appear to be down due to a failure in the network path between the nodes and Horizon. For example, if a WAN link fails, all nodes at the remote site served by the WAN link will appear to be down. Because you get a notification that the router on the far end of the WAN link is not responding, you don’t need notifications for all devices that sit behind that router.

See Use Path Outages to Suppress Notifications for information on enabling this feature. Path outage checking is disabled by default.

You can configure a path outage for an individual node by setting a parent on the node in a requisition or by doing the following:

  1. Click the gear symbol in the top-right of the screen.

  2. Under Event Management, click Configure Notifications  Configure Path Outages.

  3. Enter the critical path IP address, select a critical path service, and click Validate Rule Results.

  4. Click Next to save the configuration.