Direct Datasource

The direct datasource is used with a basic installation of ALEC. It runs on the same JVM as OpenNMS, and acts on new alarms and inventory objects using the APIs provisioned by the OpenNMS Plugin API. Because it uses event hooks to collect alarm and network inventory information, the direct datasource is able to interface directly with OpenNMS.

Scripted extensions

You can modify or extend ALEC’s mapping configuration script by updating or overwriting inventory.groovy. If you choose to overwrite the file, you must update the datasource bundle’s configuration to point to the replacement script on your local file system:

Update scriptFile property in
config:property-set scriptFile /tmp/inventory.groovy
If you replace the script, the replacement must use a scripting engine that implements Invocable, and the file must be UTF-8 encoded.


Three methods are exposed to the InventoryObject script:

Method Description

void overrideTypeAndInstance(ImmutableAlarm.Builder alarmBuilder, Alarm, alarm)

Modifies the ModelObjectType and ModelObjectIdentifier of the associated InventoryObject. This allows the datasource to map alarms to inventory objects on the network topology map.

List<InventoryObject> nodeToInventory(Node node)

Converts data stored in node to an inventory object on the network topology map.

List<InventoryObject> alarmToInventory(Alarm alarm)

Converts data stored in alarm to an inventory object and alarm on the network topology map.