Basic Installation

This section describes a basic installation, where ALEC runs as another service within the OpenNMS core instance:

Network architecture graphic that displays a basic ALEC installation
Figure 1. Example basic installation network architecture

Before you begin

You must complete the pre-installation tasks before proceeding with the installation.

Install ALEC

  1. Install the package:

    1. RHEL or CentOS users, install via YUM: yum -y install opennms-alec-plugin.

    2. Ubuntu or Debian users, install via APT: apt install opennms-alec-plugin.

  2. Configure the feature set to be installed when OpenNMS restarts:

echo 'alec-opennms-standalone wait-for-kar=opennms-alec-plugin' > "$OPENNMS_HOME/etc/featuresBoot.d/alec.boot"

Verify installation

Run the health:check command in the OpenNMS Karaf shell to verify that everything loaded correctly.

Use the following to enumerate the available graphs:


At this point we expect the command to output a single graph called "dbscan":

admin@opennms> opennms-alec:list-graphs
dbscan: 0 situations on 524 vertices and 4 edges.
Your graph may not have any situations, vertices, or edges at this point. This is normal during initial setup.

Refer to the Quick Start section for information on how to use ALEC.