The following types are supported using the built-in inventory scripts:

Node (node)

Associates the alarm with a node object.

There are no parameters required aside from the alarm being associated to a node.

SNMP interface (snmp-interface)

Requires the ifIndex or ifDescr parameters to be set.

When given an ifIndex it will be used as-is.

When given an ifDescr we will attempt to look up the associated ifIndex with the matching ifDescr or ifName on the node.

Requires the aIfDescr, zIfDescr and zHostname parameters to be set.

BGP peer (bgp-peer)

Requires the bgpPeer parameters to be set.

VPN tunnel (vpn-tunnel)

Requires the peerLocalAddr, peerRemoteAddr and tunnelId parameters to be set.

MPLS L3 VRF (mpls-l3-vrf)

Requires the vrfNameOid or vrfName parameter to be set.

Entity-MIB physical entity (ent-physical-entity)

Requires the entPhysicalIndex parameter to be set.

OSPF router (ospf-router)

Requires the ospfRouterId parameter to be set.

MPLS tunnel (mpls-tunnel)

Requires the mpls-tunnel parameter to be set.

MPLS LDP session (mpls-tunnel)

Requires the mplsLdpEntityID parameter to be set.