HELM enables robust customization of dashboard panels, from updating appearance and general information to configuring complex filters. Panel configuration is available in the bottom half of a panel in editing mode:

Panel config

The available configuration options depend on the type of datasource associated with the panel.

This section describes the following types of panel configuration:

Default custom panels

HELM comes with several pre-configured, custom panels. They are described in this section.

Alarm Histogram

Bar chart that shows the distribution of alarms by severity level.

Horizontal bar graph showing distribution of critical and major alarms
Alarm Table

Displays alarms in table format.

Two tables: one displays unacknowledged alarms
Filter Panel

Panel that lets you specify data to include in other panels.

Blank fields in a filter panel
Flow Histogram

Bar chart that shows the distribution of flow data. This panel expects the Flow Datasource query to have a asTableSummary() transform included.

Horizontal bar graph that displays network flow data