Variable Substitution

The configuration mechanism of PRIS supports basic variable substitution. Therefore it is possible to add properties to the file and reference the property values in any file. Properties defined in the can be overwritten in a file. It is also possible to use properties defined in a in a different part of the same again. An implicit property requisition is also available in by default.

The following examples demonstrate the use of properties as variables in a PRIS configuration. With the following configuration Nodes from the OpenNMS Demo system will be fetched. To get the information a authentication is required and provided as a global configuration parameter. The requisition for this example is named opennmsdemo.

### File:
# Start web server
# The web server listens for requests and can be accessed on TCP port 8000 of all interfaces
# URL: http://${your-ip}:8000/requisitions/${name-requisition-cfg}

driver = http
host =
port = 8000

httpUser = myUser
httpPassword = 987654321
### File: opennmsdemo/
source = http
source.url =${requisition}
source.username = ${httpUser}
source.password = ${httpPassword}

### mapper to set asset longitude and latitude based on a surveillance category ###
mapper = script
mapper.file = setGeoInfo.groovy