HTTP Driver

The HTTP driver starts PRIS as a web server to provide the OpenNMS requisition over HTTP.

Parameter Required Description



set to http run as web server and provide requisitions over HTTP



Network interface for listening, e.g. = all, = localhost



TCP port to listen for incoming requests. Default is 8000

Access to the requisition can be tested with a browser to URL http://<your-ip>:<port>8000/requisitions/<name-requisition-cfg>;. The path name-requisition-cfg is the folder name which runs the requisition configuration located in your PRIS server directory.

Example configuration for a web server provided requisition
### File:
# Start web server
# The web server listens on all interfaces and can be accessed on TCP port 8000
# URL: http://${your-ip}:8000/requisitions/${name-requisition-cfg}

driver = http
host =
port = 8000