OpenNMS.js API Basics

Importing the Code


If you are using TypeScript, you can import the APIs directly into your project:

import { API, Model, Rest, DAO, Client } from 'opennms/src/API';


const { API, Model, Rest, DAO, Client } = require('opennms');

Connecting to a Server

Before you can make any queries, you must first connect to a server. To do so, use the Client object.

const client = await new Client().connect('Demo', 'http://my-server:8980/opennms/', 'admin', 'admin');

Making Queries

To make a query, OpenNMS.js provides a number of DAO APIs for accessing data through ReST.

To do so, you first connect (like above), and then call into the appropriate DAO to query.

Here’s an example that queries alarms with an ID greater than 7:

const { Comparators, Filter, Restriction } = API;
const idRestriction = new Restriction('id', Comparators.GE, 7);
const filter = new Filter().withOrRestriction(idRestriction);

try {
  const alarms = await client.alarms().find(filter);`got ${alarms.length} alarms with id >= 7.`);

  // get all the node IDs associated with the matching alarms
  const allNodeIds = alarms
    .map((alarm) => alarm.nodeId)
    .filter((nodeId) => nodeId !== undefined);

  // create a unique list
  const nodeIds = allNodeIds
    .filter((val,index) => allNodeIds.indexOf(val) === index);

  // if the 2nd argument to nodes().get() is true,
  // it also populates ipInterfaces and snmpInterfaces
  const nodes = await Promise.all( => client.nodes().get(id, true))

  nodes.forEach(node => {
    const numIfaces = node.ipInterfaces.length;`${} (${node.label}) has ${numIfaces} IP interfaces.`);

API Reference

The complete API reference is available at