ALEC Datasources

Datasources serve as the bridge between ALEC and OpenNMS. They provide and maintain a feed of alarms, inventory objects, and situations. They also create situations in OpenNMS.

ALEC provides two datasources: a direct datasource for a basic ALEC installation, and a Kafka datasource for a distributed installation.

Scripted extensions

ALEC extrapolates inventory objects from the incoming stream of alarms, nodes, and links. This stream of information represents your monitored network, its provisioned inventory, and the relationships among the inventory items. ALEC maps this information to inventory objects using a JSR-223 script. This script also allows you to override or extend its behavior by modifying or replacing it. You can find its default implementation in inventory.groovy in each datasource bundle:

Make sure that you are using the version of the script that corresponds to your version of ALEC. If you replace the script, the replacement must use a scripting engine that implements Invocable, and the file must be UTF-8 encoded.