Deployment via KAR file

The installation of the plugin is simple. Just copy the provided KAR file to your OpenNMS deploy directory. The following example copies the KAR file path/to/opennms-velocloud-plugin.kar to the deploy directory assuming that OpenNMS is installed in /opt/opennms.

$ cp path/to/opennms-velocloud-plugin.kar /opt/opennms/deploy/

After this step you can install the plugin in the OpenNMS Karaf shell:

admin@opennms()> feature:install opennms-plugins-velocloud

After installation, Velocloud-specific Karaf commands are available to configure the plugin.

Deploy from source

After checking out the repository, you can build and install the plugin into your local Maven repository using:

$ mvn clean install
To speed up development iterations, use -Dcodegen.skip=true to skip the regeneration of the client model classes.

Now you can add the repository and install the feature in the OpenNMS Karaf shell. Replace <VERSION> with the version you built and want to deploy.

admin@opennms()> feature:repo-add mvn:org.opennms.plugins.velocloud/karaf-features/<VERSION>/xml
admin@opennms()> feature:install opennms-plugins-velocloud

To ensure that the feature is activated on future service restarts, add the feature to a file in featuresBoot.d:

echo "opennms-plugins-velocloud wait-for-kar=opennms-plugins-velocloud" | sudo tee ${OPENNMS_HOME}/etc/featuresBoot.d/plugin-velocloud.boot