HTTP Source

This source is similar to the file source. Instead of reading from a local file, it can read a requisition via HTTP from another OpenNMS instance. The location for the requisition is given by an OpenNMS provisioning ReST URL. It is possible to provide authentication credentials to be able to consume the ReST service.

Parameter Required Description



Set http to use this source for the requisition configuration



OpenNMS requisition ReST service base URL, e.g.


OpenNMS user name for accessing the requisition ReST URL


OpenNMS user password for accessing the requisition ReST URL



Mapper script for changing the requisition. For no operation use echo; to apply a JSR-223 script set to script


If set mapper is set to script, relative path to your JSR-223 script for modifying the requisition

The given example configuration reads the requisition from the publicly available OpenNMS demo system.

Example configuration for an HTTP-based requisition
### File: opennmsdemo/
# This example reads imports the requisition name Latency from
# the public available demo system.
source = http
source.url =
source.username = demo
source.password = demo

### mapper to set asset longitude and latitude based on a surveillance category ###
mapper = script
mapper.file = setGeoInfo.groovy