File Source

The file source allows to read a requisition file from the filesystem.

Parameter Required Description



Set file to use this source for the requisition configuration



relative path from to the OpenNMS requisition xml file



Mapper script changing the requisition. For no operation use echo, apply a Groovy script set to script


If set mapper is set to script, relative path to your groovy script for modifying the requisition

This source reads an already-defined requisition from an XML file. The file to read has to be a valid OpenNMS requisition already.

Example configuration for a file-based requisition
### File: myFileRequisition/
# This example uses a predefined OpenNMS requisition
# Path to the myCustomRequisitionFile.xml is relative
# to the
source = file
source.file = myCustomRequisitionFile.xml

### default no-operation mapper
mapper = echo