Running PRIS with Docker requires a current Docker installation on your system. You find installation instructions on the Install Docker website. It is recommended to use Docker Compose.

Use Docker Compose

To get your own configurations you can mount two directories:

  • /opt/opennms-pris/requisitions: Directory which contains your configuration for requisitions

  • /opt/opennms-pris/scriptsteps: Directory which contains your custom scripts to manipulate data which is optional

version: '2.3'

    container_name: opennms.pris
    image: opennms/pris:latest
      - TZ=Europe/Berlin
      - JAVA_OPTS=-XX:+PrintGCDetails -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions
      - ./requisitions:/opt/opennms-pris/requisitions
      - ./scriptsteps:/opt/opennms-pris/scriptsteps
      test: ["CMD", "curl", "-f", "-I", "http://localhost:8000/documentation/index.html"]
      interval: 30s
      timeout: 5s
      retries: 1
      - "8000:8000"

Create the file docker-compose.yml in a directory of your choice and start the service in background with docker-compose up -d.

Use docker run

If you run without anything you get the example requisitions from the Quick Start guide. Requisitions from the example can be accessed http://localhost:8000/requisitions/myServer and http://localhost:8000/requisitions/myServer.

docker run --rm --name mypris --detach --publish 8000:8000 opennms/pris:latest

The following example mounts to local directory from your Docker host which contains your custom requisition configuration and scripts:

docker run --rm --name mypris --detach --publish 8000:8000 \
  -v $(pwd)/requisitions:/opt/opennms-pris/requisitions \
  -v $(pwd)/scriptsteps:/opt/opt/opennms-pris/scriptsteps \

Download Docker Container Images

If you don’t have internet access on your Docker host, you can save the Docker Image as an archive. Download the latest version of PRIS with docker pull opennms/pris:latest.

Create an archive with docker save opennms/pris:latest -o opennms-pris-latest. It will create a Docker archive file opennms-pris-latest which you can now transfer to your Docker Host.

Load the Docker image on your host with docker load -i opennms-pris-latest. The image is loaded and can now be used as described above.