Installing JDBC Driver

For any JDBC service to be detected/polled/collected, corresponding JDBC driver needs to be installed in Minion. Following are steps to install JDBC driver.

We reference the repository directory relative to the Minion home directory. Depending on your operating system the home directory is /usr/share/minion for Debian/Ubuntu or /opt/minion for CentOS/RHEL.
  1. Download the JDBC driver JAR from a repository, e.g. a public Maven Repository

  2. Install the JAR file in the repository directory following the maven repository pattern. For MySQL 8.0.22 the path would be repositories/default/mysql/mysql-connector-java/8.0.22/mysql-connector-java-8.0.22.jar.

  3. Create a Karaf feature for the MySQL JDBC driver

Create a features configuration file
sudo vi deploy/jdbc-mysql.xml
Add the following content to download the MySQL JDBC driver
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<features name="opennms-2021.1.1"(1)
  <feature name="mysql-bundle" version="8.0.22" install="auto">(2)
1 The version should match with your Meridian Core version
2 The bundle is named mysql-bundle and we set the version number to 8.0.22
3 Bundle to download version 8.0.22 with Maven from official repositories
As soon you write the file, Karaf picks up the feature and tries to install it. You can troubleshoot the feature installation in the data/log/karaf.log
Connect to the Karaf Shell
ssh -p 8201 admin@localhost
Verify installation and startup of the feature
feature:list | grep mysql
MySQL bundle is installed and available
mysql-bundle   | 8.0.22   | x        | Started     | opennms-28.0.0-SNAPSHOT  |